But What IS Truth?

There’s a guy named George Santos. He just got elected to the House of Representatives by…lying? Wait, let me check that. Yep. Lying. I’m not sure he shared a single, honest fact about himself. He inflated his resume, sparkled up his life accomplishments, and made claims of greatness that have been proven untrue. He’s the very definition of a lying liar.

So far, the GOP has chosen to do…nothing. Well, no, that’s not right. They’re going to weaken the powers of the Ethics Committee. Lying is a conservative stock-in-trade, why would they find it a problem? For them, it’s the Ethics Committee that represents the problem. Fortunately, new GOP Congressman George Santos is on the case and we can all rely upon him to negotiate the peace between left and right – just like he did when he negotiated the peace in the Middle East…


As a measure of the GOP’s pretended desire for get government out of people’s lives, the Missouri State Legislature has just passed a rule requiring women to cover their arms on the state House floor. Those good old boys are threatened by a woman’s arm? I wonder what happens when they get a bit of…ankle… Yep, sounds like conservative “Freedumb” to me…


Hey, is it true GOP Congressman George Santos wrote ‘War and Peace?’


I can already hear the difference in tone regarding Biden’s mishandling of classified files and the conservative response to the former guy’s mishandling of classified files. Former guy whined. “Whaaa!” he whined. His supporters whined. “Those DemocRATS are being mean to our guy! Whaaa! It’s a witch hunt! Whaaa!”

Someone asked Democrat Chuck Schumer what he thought about looking into Biden’s mishandling of classified files and he said he supported the appointment of Robert Hur in the Biden case. Not ONE claim of a witch hunt.


The GOP is already focused on the Biden files like a thirteen year old boy who has just seen his first real life boobies. (It seems to be having a similar effect, too.) Between Joe’s files and Hunter’s – something, they’re just sure of it – the children are going to be busy for awhile. Since their stated goal from their recent “closed door meeting” included eliminating Social Security, Medicare, AND Medicaid (at least according to CNN), I’m perfectly happy to let them engage in their respective performances, instead.

They’ve got at least THREE separate committees looking into the matter. Three. I kind of hope the Dems do things to stonewall and fight back. Mostly because it will be fun listening to conservatives explain why Democratic pushback is unconscionable so soon after explaining why their pushback was – and is still – perfectly reasonable…


I was amazed to learn that GOP Congressman George Santos, not Neil Armstrong, was the first man to set foot on the moon…


Former guy might be in more trouble. The Georgia Grand Jury looking into whether or not he tried to influence the election by calling the Secretary of State and pressuring him to try and “find” 11,780 more votes – because that was the number he needed to win – has handed down their decision and asked that it be made public. I heard that recording. He definitely did what he’s accused of doing. On the other hand, Georgia is a red state and jury nullification is a real thing -see Impeachments 1 and 2. (“Impeachments 1 and 2” sounds like books in the Bible…)

Georgia did the right thing when they told Former to get stuffed. Here’s hoping they’ll do the right thing again…


GOP Congressman George Santos’ claims to have been the ACTUAL author of the works of Shakespeare strain credibility, don’t they?


One of the most powerful conservative “stink tanks” in America is called the Heritage Foundation. There’s a report out that they spent MILLIONS of dollars in this last election on voter suppression measures in battleground states. According to the Guardian, the plan ‘proposed a two-pronged approach that would work to block moves by Democrats in Congress to bolster voting rights while at the same time pressing Republican-controlled states to impose restrictions on access to the ballot box. It said: “Where Democrats hold power, we must defend against bad policy. Where conservatives and our allies are in power, we must advance changes that protect the lawful votes of Americans.”’

If it wasn’t for cheating (and lying, of course) Republicans would never win an election again. Ever. As an American, I say that if you have to cheat and lie your way to power, you shouldn’t be in power…


Say what you want about GOP Congressman George Santos. He’s a great man. Just ask him. He’ll tell you…


I would like to take a second, here, and thank the 49ers for the entertaining season (so far). To the best of my knowledge, none of them read me nor would they care whether I’m happy or not, but still… They play in the first game of the Wild Card Round in the playoffs today against the Seattle Seahawks. The Niners should win but the weather is an balancing factor. If the Niners win? Great. If they lose? It’s going to put a damper on my enthusiasm for the rest of the weekend games and I’ll likely forget how much I’ve enjoyed the season.

It’s a good thing they just signed GOP Congressman George Santos to be the bell-cow running back. The ‘hawks don’t stand a chance now…

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