Wrong Answers…

Let’s say I landed a job because my resume read, in part, that I had a Master’s Degree from Harvard Business School, when I don’t, and I, personally invented the Graphical User Interface (GUI), which I did not (it was actually invented by Xerox), and I had saved a floundering international corporation from ruin with my insightful brilliance and careful guidance, also untrue. Then, my new boss found out none of those things were true. Do you think they’d feel like, “Well, we hired him. We chose that guy so now we have to stick with him?” Or do you suspect they might react to the news that my entire resume was – at best – “inflated” and show me the door? I say it’s the “door” thing. They did NOT hire the guy they thought they hired. They hired the fraudulent guy I pretended to be.

But the cons have signed off on George Santos (very much an R). They said that since the voters of his district elected him, he has the right to stay. Then they put him on committees to prove they care nothing for honor or honesty. Saying George Santos is a bad guy but was “duly elected” by the voters is false. The voters thought they were electing someone who had done some things George Santos has not done. Who else gets to lie on his resume, get caught red-handed, and keep the job anyway? The answer is George Santos and ONLY George Santos and do you know why?

Special elections. New York would have to hold a special election to replace him – and there’s no guarantee another Republican would win such a race, particularly with the electorate mad at the GOP (and getting madder) for, well, everything, really. The cons might lose ONE seat, so they would rather the seat be filled with a known scoundrel. Demonstrates a LOT about conservative ethics…


Are you familiar with the Amazon Smile program? It was a way to help a preferred charity by simply buying things from Amazon. It took a few extra steps to set up but was easy to do. My preferred charity was a small local organization called SNAP cats.’ They rescue and re-home special needs cats. After I signed up, every eligible purchase I made from Amazon directed a small amount to the charity of my choice. It was not a single stream revenue source for charities. It was one of many sources.

But…it took potential money out of Jeff Bezos’ pocket and there can be NO greater sin that taking money out of Bezos’ pockets, so the Amazon Smile program is being shut down. The story is that they just ended up with so many charities, they weren’t having a big enough impact on any one charity. As we’ve already seen they were never supposed to have that big of an impact. They were simply one stream and, hey, anything helps.

To me, it’s yet another reason to avoid Amazon as much as possible. I’m not saying “boycott.” Just “avoid.” If you can get something somewhere else, do so. Find what you’re looking for on Amazon. THEN, go to the company’s web page and order directly from them if you can. (If you can’t, you can’t.) It’s just Capitalism. That’s the story. But in order for any transaction to be honestly Capitalist, both parties must enjoy a legitimate opportunity to say “no.” So avoiding purchasing from Amazon is Capitalism in action.

The only way to stop these Capitalist juggernauts from steamrolling the world is if we close our wallets to them. Capitalism doesn’t work without Capital. So if enough of us close our wallets to Amazon, they’ll notice. If nothing else, maybe we can get them to return to their charitable donation program and at least pretend they care about something besides the bottom line…


Let’s say I have a plumbing problem in my house. Is the correct answer a) address and correct the problem? or b) burn the effing house to the ground? If you chose b), you’re clearly a Republican.

If you ever needed proof that Republicans actually hate the United States of America, you’re getting it in the form of the current “budget battle” being waged by Republicans against all Americans and the country, itself. THEY will tell you, “No, the battle is against Democratic overspending.” But the spending is already set – and is quite bi-partisan. It’s most like running up your high-balance credit card, then quitting your job so you don’t have to pay the bill. If the money isn’t made available to pay the bills, the bills aren’t going to get paid. That isn’t correcting a problem or owning the libs. That’s burning down the entire economic structure of the United States – and the world. Defaulting on one’s financial obligations when one can pay isn’t shrewd. It’s irresponsible and destructive. The cons know this, of course, but that won’t stop them. In fact, based on all of the available evidence, that’s their goal…

It reminds me of the scene in ‘Blazing Saddles’ in which the new, black Sheriff of Rock Ridge is threatened by the oh-so-white townsfolk so he holds a gun to his own head and says, “Next man makes a move, the (I’m going to say…Sheriff) gets it.” Except it’s not a ploy on the con’s part. They WILL pull the trigger and blow out their own brains just to prove some moronic point. The vast majority of Americans, red and blue, will suffer as a result.

It’s been…something watching these fools trying to govern. The cons took back the House of Representatives in 2022 and came out shooting. Sure, they’re shooting their own feet, but they’re shooting. First they had their big “Speaker battle” episode, a little civil war among the ranks that effectively put the inmates in charge of the asylum. (It’s called the ‘tyranny of the minority.’) Now their sites are set on American financial solvency, which they’re against.

I’ll tell you this: It has become indisputable. Cons hate America. I know, they wave the flag more than anybody. They call themselves the “true Americans.” They “support the troops.” They insist on displaying their pseudo-patriotism at every turn. But it’s all a show. It’s all superficial bunk. Those trappings aren’t the meat and potatoes of a once-great nation. Waving the flag is performance art, nothing more. To hear them tell it – though not in so many words – they hate everything about the United States of America except the second half of the Second Amendment. And they only love that because (to them) it means that they may actually get to take up arms against their own country. Meanwhile, they oppose – and actively work to destroy – everything about this country that made it great in the first place and they’re not going to stop on their own. These days, if you vote Republican, you hate America. Period.

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