Caught Red Handed…

Will lie for money…
Well…now that the entire world knows, without question and in absolute terms, that Fox “News” lies to it’s victimized viewers, I considered – for a short wonderful while – that, perhaps, the US might be rid of the lying titan once and for all. In case you missed it, lying Former Guy started his on-going whine about how the election was stolen from him (and, by the way, what an effing baby. Man up and accept your loss, Donald). Fox “News” went all-in on supporting the story. The talking heads on that station repeated the stories as if they were true and regularly brought on guests who also repeated the stories, allowing those guests to spread and/or support the various and sundry lies without challenge. In a rare misstep, they singled out one company, Dominion Voting Systems, and pointed their fingers at how Dominion “rigged” the election. Dominion sued. After depositions and investigation, they were able to prove the talking heads, behind the scenes, had only disdain and ridicule for the tale they were telling. Dominion proved Fox talkers KNEW they were lying…but did it anyway.

I imagined the victimized viewers would be angry at having been lied to and seek out other sources of misinformation and the loss of revenue might spell doom for lying Fox “News.” But if I may quote the Bard (in the guise of Hamlet), “Aye, there’s the rub.” I enjoyed my fantasy for a few hours before I asked the most important question: who’s going to tell them? I mean, how much air time do you think lying Fox “News” plans to dedicate to telling the story of lying Fox “News” intentionally deceiving it’s own viewers?

When you get right down to it, it shows the horrifying beauty of conservative conditioning to keep con viewers from even considering any information that doesn’t come from the conservative bubble, led by lying Fox “News.” The Lying Fox has already made “editorial decisions” about which hard-hitting stories deserve their air time and they are using it on the important stuff: Are the cartoon candies sexy enough? Should schools put litter boxes in the bathrooms for students who identify as cats? Who, moving among us with apparent impunity, is (omg!) “Woke?”

After spending forty minutes on each of those in-depth tales, who has time to tell the ‘Fox “News” lies to it’s own, gullible viewers’ story? So the victimized viewers will continue to plod along with Fox, never realizing or allowing themselves to believe, The Fox “News” bullsh*t factory intentionally lies to them for money…


Just trying to help…the lie…
In a totally related unrelated event, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy handed over some 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from the conservative assault on the Capitol on January 6th to…uh…it looks like one guy; Tucker Carlson, one of the most notorious liars at lying Fox “News.” I wonder what he’ll do with it. To be clear, McCarthy did NOT hand the footage over to actual news outlets, only the Lying Fox and specifically, to Carlson.

McCarthy lied that he had to. He had promised as part of his humiliation tour when he was giving away the store to become Speaker in the first place. He lied that he wanted to give Carlson exclusive access because he thinks “sunshine allows everyone to make their own judgements.” McCarthy lied that he might release it to other outlets later. He won’t. He’s a MAGA con trying to protect the MAGA bubble and the actual truth never, ever supports lying MAGA con positions. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Democrats – along with thinking people everywhere – have decried the move as a breach of security. The footage allows people to discover the locations of cameras and other security details the public really shouldn’t have. Minority leader Hakim Jeffries said he considered the release a “grave mistake.”

I’ll tell you this: I wouldn’t use the word “mistake.” I’d go with the far more accurate “betrayal” or maybe “perfidy” or even “act of treason.” It was a calculated act intended to allow lying Fox “News” host lying Tucker Carlson to cut together preferred parts of the footage to “prove” the insurrection was really just an unauthorized tour of the Capitol…

NOTE: An earlier version of this piece misspelled the House Speaker’s name and has been corrected…

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