Cons, Comics, and Capitalists…

Have you ever wondered why the cons are so, absolutely wrong about Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine? I mean, these guys actually believe (or pretend to) that Russia is the victim, bravely defending itself from Ukrainian aggression – in short, the exact opposite of the truth. Obviously, it’s a disinformation campaign, but whose? Who is doing the misinforming?

One likely candidate is a website called It’s a website owned and operated by the Russian government. RT originally stood for ‘Russia Today.’ As an accurate information source, it’s rated extremely low in reliability so, of course, it’s very popular with the cons. (It’s a kind of Stockholm syndrome, I think.) It’s no wonder they’re rooting for the wrong side.

I’ll tell you this: critical thinking should be required education in school starting at a very young age. I believe we would have FAR fewer poor thinkers in our submerging nation…


By and large, when one hears someone pretending renewable energy is, overall, a bad idea, the speaker repeating that tale is conservative. MOST of the pushback against fossil fuels comes from cons, in fact. One of the stories one hears about wind farms, those installations where windmills produce power, is that the farms are devastating to birds. To hear them tell it, there are piles of dead bird bodies at the bottom of every windmill.

But, of course, while the rank-and-file cons are out there, dutifully spreading their renewable energy misinformation, the red states are leading the pack when it comes to renewables, according to an article I saw in this morning’s Guardian called ‘Red States leading the US in wind and solar production, new report shows.’ Texas has more wind generation capacity than any other state. California leads in solar but Texas is second and Florida is third.

It’s really no wonder those rank-and-file people are so confused. They’re constantly being told about the horrors and evils of renewables, while simultaneously watching their “leaders” building out renewables at a rather remarkable rate. How crazy-making is that?


It’s always a bummer to find out someone you once thought well of is, in fact, a “less-than” person. Scott Adams, the creator of the ‘Dilbert’ comic, has taken just such a tumble in the world. He went on his podcast to warn his listeners that black people are “a hate group” and that white people should stay away from them. He even admitted to moving house in order to get away from blacks and recommended all whites do the same.

Newspapers across the land are dropping ‘Dilbert.’ Adams says he expected that. He says that “most of my income will be gone by next week. My reputation for the rest of my life is destroyed. You can’t come back from this.” Nor should you. What a di…uh…Dilbert…


Thinking people everywhere know that union shops are better than non-union shops. It’s a simple, factual reality that when one hears someone lament the loss of “good jobs” in the US, they weren’t “good jobs” because of the particular work being done. They were “good jobs” because they were union jobs. The owner class really hated paying workers a fair wage so they shipped all the good, union jobs overseas to sweatshops and prison-like factories who often “employ” children and have fences around the factory compounds so the workers can’t leave. Oh, AND to where the workers took pennies a day in pay (and glad to have it, truth be told), rather than pay Americans a fair wage. That left only “service” jobs in America.

Service jobs can’t be off-shored. Your waiter cannot bring you more water in San Francisco from Shanghai. Service jobs were also, largely, non-union, and the wages of those workers reflected as much. It was a kind of paradise for the parasite class. The parasite class has been really sticking it to the workers who provide them with so much for a long, long time and the working class is tired of it so unions are making a comeback. Or trying to.

The parasites are pushing back using every trick and technique ever used by the owner class to harm workers. Illegal? So what? Do it! These greedy prigs even go so far as to close stores that successfully unionize, foregoing profit for a short while in order to discourage unionization. (They can easily make it up elsewhere on the backs of other workers.)

I haven’t, yet, seen stories about physical confrontations or outright riots related to union activity, but, as we know, history repeats – especially if one is too stupid to learn from it – so I have no doubt the violence is coming. My position? If it comes to that, it comes to that. I hope it doesn’t but this country needs unions.

Unions will prove a huge step forward for ending the economic imbalance in our submerging nation and the parasitic owner class knows it. That’s why they’re pushing back so hard. So, all true Americans need to support the unionization effort. (Cons will oppose it. Count on it. It’s the “contrarian” part of “con.”) If enough Americans close their wallets to the union-busting companies, the companies will have to relent or go out of business. Either answer is better than what the workers are getting today…

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