Wuhan and Foxes…

Well, here we go again. A recently released US Intelligence report said that three researchers in the Wuhan lab got so sick they sought treatment at a hospital in November, 2019, before Covid was officially recognized. The fact sheet said that the workers had symptoms consistent with Covid-19 and common seasonal illnesses. Okay, so…maybe it was Covid. Then again, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe the workers got sick from accidental exposure to the virus in the lab. Then again, maybe those workers are friends and went to a bar or movie or shopping together after work and got exposed to a bad flu. While most of the scientists around the world lean toward species jumping, either idea could be correct and, truthfully, I don’t know any more than anybody else. Oh, you know what else? I don’t care.

I mean, if it turned out to be relevant to something, I might care, but it seems to me that “accidental release” or “species jump” makes no difference. We all know it originated in China in or around the Wuhan province. We also know that the previous two Coronaviruses, MERS and SARS, moved from animals to humans. After that? Nobody knows anything, for sure. Well, except the cons. They KNOW, without question, it escaped from a lab. Period. As a sidebar, you know the thing that surprises me most about how the cons keep bringing it up? I, for one, can’t think about the beginnings of Covid-19 without also thinking about how the administration in charge at the time failed so completely, so spectacularly in responding (along with everything else Former Guy did that helped it gain a foothold). One would think the cons would rather allow the story to fade than keep reminding the world of how useless Former was/is…

Anyway, for me, the key is “accidental release” or species jumping. If it was the lab, and it was an accident, it’s not much different than if it was an inter-species thing. We all know there are labs around the world working on these kinds of things. That’s nothing new. Something “escaping” is a bit of a concern, obviously, but in this case it was “only” Covid-19. Mostly, the world will never know because the Chinese are notoriously closed-mouthed about things like that. In fairness, any government would try to downplay and deflect such an event. Nobody wants the entire world “tsk-tsking” them but the Chinese got that anyway, didn’t they? In fairness, I might accept Chinese efforts at deflection as supporting the conservative position but I believe the Chinese would act that way no matter how the pandemic came to be so it’s hardly proof.

For me, the only real concern is that it might have been in intentional release but that position is fraught with difficulty. Consider, an intentional release of a potentially deadly virus is certainly a belligerent act, if not an act of war. Also, it’s a very high-risk act. If anybody ever found out it was intentional, the world would NOT just “tsk-tsk” the thing. Assuming such a release didn’t come to war, it’s very likely businesses would be pressured into moving their factories to other emerging nations so the desperately poor children living there could start assembling our iPhones, or whatever. The economic impact to China would be incalculable. Also, there’s no evidence the Chinese people themselves were spared any of the challenges, deaths, or difficulties associated with Covid. At the very least, if the Chinese were going to launch a potential war on the world, I imagine they would want to use a far deadlier virus that wipes out anything it comes into contact with, not just people with so-called “co-morbidities.” Also, wouldn’t they have an antidote for themselves? To this day, the Chinese vaccine is known to be less than effective.

I really don’t understand why the cons are so hot to prove Covid-19 came from a lab. I don’t see what they gain. I don’t understand how it helps them. Four years after the fact, I don’t understand why they still care. Then again, I rarely understand the “thinking” of a con…


I think I’m going to enjoy watching the power play between Former and Rupert Murdoch, the lying owner of lying Fox “News.” If lying Fox “News” starts sneaking in little facts about Former that tell the truth about him, his base might start to figure out he’s nothing but a paper tiger. On the other hand, lying Fox “News” DID lie because they were so afraid of losing viewers (and therefore revenue) to more extreme media outlets. So I don’t think lying Murdoch can simply turn lying Fox “News” and have them start reporting truthfully. He has no choice but to start sneaking in facts. Maybe he can get lying Tucker Carlson to put on that “confused” face that is his stock-in-trade and just “ask the questions.”

When Former announced his candidacy for this run, I saw many one-time supporters now saying they didn’t want Former to run again. They all wanted Ronda Santis. (No, that’s Ron DeSantis.) But the trumpsters are turning back to their CheetoJesus. I guess DeSantis isn’t quite crazy enough. We ALL know Former will go as crazy as he needs to in order to regain support from the MAGA con base.

If you’ve spent any time reading my work, you may have picked up hints – here and there – that I’m not a real fan of Former Guy but his control over the weakest thinkers in our once-great nation is undeniable. Sure, he may be a drooling moron but the cons love him and he must be considered a Titan. Then again, so is lying Fox “News.” A Titan, I mean. Most of the MAGA cons wouldn’t think of Former the way they do if it hadn’t been for the facade created and supported by lying Fox “News.” So the question of who might win such an epic battle remains open.

I’ll tell you this: There are no good options. It’s like trying to decide how one prefers to die between, say, cancer and Ebola. I’m not sure a “winner” is possible. But it should be fun to watch the fight as we continue our submergence back to international irrelevance…

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