Methuselah’s Older Brother…

More than once, I’ve heard Joe Biden referred to as “the trump slayer.” I believe this is the DNC trying to convince Americans that only Biden could beat 45. See, since 45 is the presumptive GOP nominee, having a guy who can “slay” him opposite is a good thing, right? Couple-a things: One, Biden didn’t “beat” the dumbass. Yes, he won but people were not voting for Biden. People were (desperately) voting against 45. Two, anybody who is not Hillary would have beaten 45.

Yes, his base was and is still there and still loud. But there just aren’t as many MAGA cons as there are rational people and the masses were fed up with 45’s antics. Thinking people came out in droves to vote against 45 and would have voted, collectively, for a dying rodent (so long as it was NOT named ‘Hillary’) in an effort to stop the crazy. That was another thing. Many, many third party voters abandoned their principled positions to vote against 45.

It really IS a sorry state of affairs in this once-great nation that people are mostly motivated to vote against opposition rather than for a preferred choice. We, the people, learned a couple of election cycles back that we’re not even really choosing our preferred candidate in the primaries. The candidate has been selected. (Apparently, that means the check cleared.) I’ve long opposed the idea of states paying for political primaries but when I learned the whole thing is a sham with a “winner” already determined, I REALLY started to wonder what the dog-and-pony show was all about. I still do. (Fund-raising, I guess…)

The truth is, I think Biden has done a pretty good job. Sure, the cons disagree but since they have no idea about what’s really happening in this country, their “opinion” has little value. So, yeah, Biden has done okay. But every time I see him, every time I hear him speak, I find myself thinking, “Man, this guy is old.” Biden’s only like, 80 years old, but, damn…every time I see him he seems like Methuselah’s older brother. I know a number of people older than Biden, numerically, but with far more actual vigor than the current Oval Office occupant. (In fact, I suspect that SOME of Biden’s image problems come from him trying to prove he’s still vigorous.)

The question looms on the left: who will the Democrats get to run? Many of us are quite clear that the answer to that is whomever writes the biggest, fattest check that clears first. That makes it impossible to guess. The masses would be thinking stupid things like: Who could do the job well? Who is best qualified? Who do we think is the best person for the job? Wishful thinking noobs. The DNC will focus on and foist the check-writer of choice. That could well be Biden. (That’s going to put some added focus on the choice of running mate…)

If Former Guy is the GOP nominee, it won’t matter who the DNC posts up. The left will fall out in droves, again, to beat his criminal ass, again (which they can only do if they vote on paper). If it’s anybody else though? Complacency could be very costly in this upcoming race…


Well, of course…it’s Floriduh! Two men get into a road rage incident. At some point each “responsible gun owner” pulls out his gun and – while racing down the road, blinded by fury, surrounded by innocent people – fires it at the other car. (Yet another example of how awesome it is for everybody to be armed at all times.) In each case, the shooter shoots the daughter of the other driver’s car…”accidentally.” A 5-year-old (non-combatant) got shot in the lower leg. A 14-year-old (also non-combatant) was shot in the back. (Both girls were treated and survived.) Neither of the Bozos doing the shooting managed to hit each other, though.

One, the first shooter, claims he was only aiming at the bed of the truck. This prompted the second shooter to grab his gun and empty the magazine into his adversary’s car. The thing is, the first guy to grab his gun and shoot? HE won’t be facing any charges. That’s because the second shooter, the guy who returned fire, “started it,” according to Floriduh law, by throwing a full water bottle at and into the first shooter’s car – right through the driver’s side window! It “startled” the other driver so, clearly, the thrower deserved to die…

I’m sure this is the wrong focus for the moment but I was struck by the idea that a guy flying down the road and furious could throw a full water bottle at and into an also-speeding car – but couldn’t hit the driver with a bullet. That’s some very good, very bad aim.

The first shooter isn’t charged because of Floriduh’s “Stand Your Ground” law. You remember “Stand Your Ground,” right? That’s the stupid law that allowed George Zimmerman to murder Trayvon Martin after George started to lose the fight George started. Now it allows the first person to resort to gun violence to walk free? How does that work? Well, apparently, the first shooter had the right to “defend himself” because the thrown water bottle was a “deadly missile.”

I guess the water-thrower can say he wasn’t aiming the bottle at the window. That was just an unfortunate throw – you know, in the same way the first shooter claims he was shooting at the bed of the truck but managed to shoot a 5-year-old child sitting in the cab. Accidents happen. We see stories like this because the underlying law is stupid. In keeping with the Roberts Supremely Kangaroo Court’s stunningly stupid record, DC vs Heller was badly decided and bad precedent creates bad law. Now there’s an increasing tangle of laws trying to manage the fallout of that one stupid ruling.

I’ll tell you this: I have no defense for the guy who threw the bottle but it seems to me that drawing a gun in response to a thrown water bottle is an escalation, not a response. In my not so humble opinion, both “men” should be in jail…

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