Shots Fired…For No Reason…

What the hell kind of message are they spreading in crazy conservative media these days? I ask because old white men have suddenly taken to shooting anybody who appears on their property – without warning, without communication, certainly without cause.

A 16 year old kid, Ralph Yarl, mistakenly went to the wrong house trying to pick up his siblings. The homeowner opened the door and shot the kid in the head. They never spoke. He just opened the door blasting. Sadly, the kid who got shot is black and the shooter is white and the shooting took place in Kansas City, Missouri so the police don’t really want to charge the white guy. Public pressure finally shamed them into action but it was as small an action as they could take. The best they could come up with was “armed criminal action.” The 85-year-old man shot the younger man twice. Once in the head and again after Yarl fell. Yarl is fighting for his life. The old man? Well you might see him at a barbecue this weekend…

That seemed like an isolated incident, just some crazy old man who could be (and was) made to panic at the mere sight of a black person. But…hold the phone. Holy gods, it happened again! A not-quite-as-old white man, Keven Monahan, 65, saw a car pull into his driveway. His response? He came out shooting! He just stepped out of the house and opened fire on the car. I doubt this one was racially motivated as he didn’t have the chance to notice that the people in the car were white. Well, at least one of them was. HE killed a 20-year-old white woman named Kaylin Gillis. He’s charged with second-degree murder.

The point is, one crazy old white guy opening the door and shooting is an isolated incident, an old man who has lost his grip on reality. The second time, though? I’m not ready to call it a trend but two blind shootings in three days starts to look like reality is being ripped from the weak-thinker’s minds. Fear everybody, all the time. That sound just like the message of the conservative media. The very same message they’ve been delivering for decades. Now it’s coming to full fruition.

I’ll tell you this: DC vs Heller was always a bad and dangerous, seriously flawed ruling but now it’s becoming a nightmare from which America can not wake..

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