What Does It Mean For Fox?

I’ve got to tell you, when I first heard that Tucker Carlson had been fired, I was pretty darned happy. I thought such an auspicious event deserved a column – so I sat down to write it. I DID write it, too. It was some pretty happy, celebratory stuff – free of Tucker, first stone to fall at Fox – that kind of thing. It was probably, technically the best writing I’ve ever done. It was probably worthy of a Pulitzer.

But, you’ll just have to take my word for that because I deleted it and wrote this instead. The reason I deleted it was simple: I realized that, in the larger scheme, it doesn’t mean a thing. Yeah, Tucker was a big-shot at lying Fox Not News for awhile, so what? We’ve seen big shots come and go on Fox for decades now.

Remember Glenn Beck? He once said Barack Obama had a deep seated hatred of white people. He was a big deal at Fox for a long time. Then he wasn’t. Fox took a hit in the ratings for a short time, but after awhile the sheep came back for fleecing. I also remember the force that was Bill O’Reilly. He held the flagship time slot and led the charge against America from the comfort of his broadcast studio. For awhile. Then he was out. Sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment gets a lot of men in general but it seems to get men at a higher rate at Murdock’s operations. It’s almost as if a conservative attitude about owning and operating women – whom, after all, should be home barefoot and pregnant, making dinner for their husbands, leads these guy to think they can get away with anything. For a long time, they often do. But, eventually, the 21st century catches up to one of them and – Bam! – they’re out.

Fox’s one-time CEO, Roger Ailes had to step down over sexual harassment. Ed Henry, their one time chief White House “correspondent” got fined for “willful sexual misconduct.” Another host, Eric Bolling, left for the same reason. Now it’s Tucker’s turn. Maybe. Possible sexual misconduct is one of the reasons cited as a guess from people who have air time to fill. There are others. When it gets right down to it? I don’t care. Tucker will follow the same path the others went down, glory to obscurity. Soon, if we’re lucky, we won’t ever hear or think about Tucker Carlson again. But lying Fox Not-News?

Swap out one lying talking head, put in another. Same crap, different bucket. Like a bad, irritating, painful case of the most egregious herpes, Fox endures…


Little bit short today but I’m glad I got anything out at all. It’s been a tough (busy) day…

One thought on “What Does It Mean For Fox?

  1. Short and (bitter)sweet. FOX won’t change, just the DWG (dumb white guys) who sit in their “news” chairs. I don’t watch these assholes, but their bullshit affects me by the effect they have on dumb-shits who believe the vile words they they spew forth.

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