They Have A Dream, Too…

Okay, 174! THAT’S the kind of effort we’re looking for! It shows personal dedication and determination to reach the highest number possible. But I still feel like we could do even better. There have been – including today, which, for me, is only just starting – 110 days so far this year. According to the math, that’s 1.5 mass shootings every day so far for 2023. It’s good but with a little effort, we can easily up that number to a full 2 a day, every day, for the rest of American’s (increasingly shortening) lives. It’s going to take effort – and a little extra ammunition – but America is going for a record, here, and this is no time to let down.

I mean, consider: we’re only having one mass shooting every six and a half days – nearly a week between! I want to know who’s slacking. With only a little bit more prompting, we could easily have a mass shooting every other day or, hell, what’s wrong with every day? Don’t we ALL know at least four people who could be shot together, adding to the count? Oh, who am I kidding? You don’t have to KNOW them. Just find some group that irks you just a tiny little bit over some perceived slight, pull out your gun, and open fire. Just close your eyes and start blasting. You’ll hit someone – and if you squeeze the trigger fast enough and long enough, we’ll get that mass shooting count up. If you keep your eyes open, we can even boost the mass murder numbers which, I think you’ll agree at only 17 this year, are really NOT keeping pace with the goal.

So don’t delay. Take your big shot today!
Grab your gun and blast away!
Let’s get that count to 2 per day!

God bless America. And if He doesn’t…shoot Him!


The conservative fever dream for America seems to be coming true. Sadly, it’s coming true in the UK for some reason. Women there are turning to “survival sex,” that is, trading sex for rent or sex work to “top up” low-wage jobs. (Such a thing, of course, has NEVER happened here.) It’s a trade off to poverty – the kind of poverty far right conservatives have been advocating for decades now. (They call it “freedumb.”)

Americans are making the efforts. We already have a plethora of low-wage jobs that can’t possibly cover the cost of living and, along with efforts to make sure unions don’t prevail, will certainly lead to survival sex here in this once-great nation, too.

I know, some know-it-all libtard will certainly complain, saying something about how being forced to put out to stay off the streets is degrading or whatever. Leave it to DemocRATS to complain about free rent. I’ll tell you what, I’d trade sex for free rent – if I could just find someone who would have sex with me.

Keep it up, people. These women are just about where we want them again. Just a little more desperation and there will be little choice than to put out just to survive. It’s a great solution to the “incel” problem. (Editor’s note: “Incel” is a self-describing term meaning ‘involuntarily celibate.’ They’re a tiny little cadre of disgusting cretins who simply, for the life of them, can not understand why these stupid bitches won’t do them on demand – or at all. They’re pretty sure the problem is the stupid bitches…)

Oh, and hey, as a bonus, they can’t terminate our glorious seed anymore in nearly half the country, either. AND…nobody’s even trying to make us pay for the babies we make during these completely consensual and not-at-all desperation-motivated assaul…um, transactions…

And here I thought the conservative dream for America was all downside…


Okay, next up? The glories of deregulation. How’s that working out for YOU?

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