Crappy Courts…

Apparently, the University of Chicago did a study last year reporting that just 18% of Americans said they had a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court.

How could 18% of Americans be so stupid?


Okay, speaking of the Kangaroos, the Democrats are out, up in arms, opining that we need to expand the Supremely Kangaroo Court to balance out the extremist ideologues now in control. I agree that the partisan, activist, ideological rulings of the court are VERY bad news for America (and, likely, human beings everywhere) but expanding the court seems like it will just cause problems down the road.

It started with seven Justices. Now it’s nine. In order balance out the crazy, the Biden administration would have to add four more seats. Thirteen Justices? Then, say 45 does manage to buy his way back to the Oval Office. What do you think he’d do? Would he add just one to give the cons power again? Would he add four to ensure a solid majority? Would the maniac add five, just to be able to brag that he added more seats, more beautiful, perfect seats than anyone ever? (And, by the way, it’s all a witch hunt…)

Yes, the conservatives on the court have dispensed with integrity. They’ve abandoned any and all pretense at neutrality. ‘Citizens United,’ alone, has done so much damage to America, it seems likely thinking people will never be able to recover the American experiment, and I hate that. But a 30 Justice court? 40 maybe? How many is too many?

The thing is, it’s all just showmanship. The Dems can’t expand the court unilaterally. It would take legislation. They MIGHT have been able to do so when they controlled both houses of Congress but there’s not a path to do it with Republicans in charge of the House. Republicans hate America. They LOVE the carnage they’re inflicting on the most vulnerable people and there’s NO WAY they’re going to relinquish the power they have voluntarily.

It’s pretty much the same thing I wrote yesterday. If we want to save this once-great, now submerging nation, we have to eliminate every Republican we can. (With votes. Put that powder away…) If we can, we might be able to save the nation. If we can’t?

I’ll tell you this: The conservative fever dream is ugly, horrifying, damaging and dangerous. It’s not going to be a pleasant ride…


Listen, I liked Dianne Feinstein, I really did. I voted for her several times. Later, as she aged, she started sounding more and more like a con, to me, and I started voting against her. The cons have a saying that makes them feel better about themselves: “If you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re older, your brain hasn’t calcified.” (Wait, that may not be the exact wording.)

But it does seem to apply to Feinstein. She’s now caught up in full-blown senility of some kind. It seems as though she doesn’t even know where she is at any given time, anymore, but she keeps clinging to that seat – and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

It reminds me of when RBG refused to step down when she was “invited” to do so by Obama. Her choice to stay on, combined with predictable conservative treachery, contributed heavily to the packed crap court we suffer today. One can only wonder what damage Feinstein’s refusal to accept, or possibly understand, reality is doing in the background.

I’ll tell you this: I think we need a mechanism to remove politicians who are clearly suffering cognitive impairments. I understand why SHE can’t face the facts. Who the hell wants to lose their mind to age? It should not be her call, particularly when she can’t even say where she’s been over the last three months…


I watched the Warriors lose to the Lakers in the NBA playoffs. I have a friend who is a dedicated Lakers fan and we talked about the games. I’m only a casual fan so I don’t take it too seriously but I didn’t really say to him what I was thinking while I watched. It didn’t look to me so much like the Lakers beat the Warriors. I mean, it looked more like the Warriors lost than the Lakers won. Same difference when the Warriors went home and the Lakers moved on but my perception seems to be playing out correctly in this round where the Denver Nuggets now have a 3-0 lead over the Lakers.

I think the Warriors played badly – and they STILL nearly won. There were a couple of games where the Warriors couldn’t hit a basket to save their – well, their season, for sure. At least two games, nearly the entire team shot 0 for double-digits. (That may not be technically, perfectly accurate. I didn’t check because I don’t care enough, but it’s close.) I suspect the Warriors dynasty might be in it’s waning days. It’s too bad. They were fun to watch.

By the way, I won’t be taunting my Lakers-loving friend. I passed on the opportunity to tell him I expected them to get bumped before the series began and it doesn’t seem right to retroactively smack-talk him, now. But I can’t honestly say I’m bummed to see the Lakers get bumped…

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