The PG&E Homicides…

Here’s all the proof you need that corporations are NOT, in fact, people: the “person” known as Pacific Gas & Electric, or PG&E, can legitimately be considered a serial arsonist with a steadily increasing body count.  How do we throw him/her/it/them/they/whatever in prison?

PG&E has blown up San Bruno (“only” 8 dead but they were just getting started), burned much of Santa Rosa (at least 41 dead), now destroyed Paradise.  Think about that; PG&E destroyed Paradise.  Um…allegedly…

All of it can be traced to PG&E trying to maximize profit.  They refuse to bury their wires.  Too expensive, they say.  (Please don’t notice, they hope, that they manage to bury their gas lines…)  In one sense, it’s true.  See, PG&E might have to incur the cost of burying the lines and that could impact dividends.  But it’s already definite the rate payers will be forced to cover the costs of the deaths and damages resulting from PG&E corporate choices.

As of this writing, the death toll in Paradise is up to 76 with nearly 1,300 still missing.  Still, some politician (on the take) will stand up to defend and then protect the corporation.  I know the rule in “free market” America: privatized profit and socialized risk.  But how many people have to die in support of PG&E corporate profits before someone intervenes…you know…on PG&E’s victims behalf?

I’ll tell you this: I think it’s past time to hold the officers of PG&E criminally responsible for their destructive, now homicidal choices…

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