Bizzarro-America Today…

This is kind of funky.  The Guardian has a story, ‘Top Democrats Accuse Trump of Lying About CIA’s Jamal Khashoggi Report.’  That’s the way it starts out, too.  “Senior Democrats in Congress have accused Donald Trump of lying about the CIA’s findings on the involvement of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.”  They cite Adam Schiff and Jack Reed, both Democrats.  But then, they cite Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah.  They also cite Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst, both Republicans.  So why “Top Democrats…” in the headline?

Is it possible that even Republicans are starting to question the behavior of our National Shame?  They should get the credit they deserve…


It’s been about a week since we all found out that Ivanka used private email for government business.  That seem like plenty of time for bubble-dwelling conservatives to have come up with all of the various and sundry reasons why Ivanka’s use of private email is totally different from Hillary’s use of private email – and why Ivanka’s case is a-okay with them.

They trotted out the idea that Ivanka didn’t own the server the emails were routed through but it had to go away quickly because anybody who understands these things knows that LESS control over who has access to the server being used is not “better.”  So, I guess we’re left with the unsupported assertions that she has turned them all over and never sent classified information.  Of course, how can we know without an investigation?

Whatever happens, I’m glad I don’t have to listen to “lock her up” anymore.  You know, since the “her” in question could easily be Ivanka…


The whole freaking country seems to be getting lost in faith-based bubbles these days.  It’s been some time since I realized far-right conservatives had enclosed themselves in a faith bubble of protection against information they dislike.  Recently, I’ve been noticing the same behavior from loyalist Democrats.  It’s important to note, it seems to be specific to Democratic rank-and-file members and not progressives or lefties in general but the seeds are there and starting to sprout.

To THIS day, if you ask a loyalist Democrat about the 2016 “election” and Russian collusion you’ll hear about how the Russians said mean things in social media, revealed “hacked” emails, and how the “purists” (newspeak for progressives who were pissed off at DNC shenanigans) threw a temper-tantrum.  Not one word about the DNC shenanigans themselves, their candidate bragging in coal country about all the coal workers they were going to put out of business, nor quitting the campaign three days before the campaign ended – among other…problems…

Facts?  They don’t need no stinkin’ facts.  Their story of why Hillary lost has become a canon of faith and WILL NOT be questioned…


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