Down the Rabbit Hole…

Well, Easter Sunday!  Apparently, that’s the day a rabbit brought Jesus back to life with chocolate eggs…or something.  Anyway, happy Easter!  Stay inside.  Remember, you’re on restriction…

Don't Touch my eggs


The Trump Bump and Drop Flop:
When Trump’s dithering allowed the pandemic to get going on a roll, many Americans did what Americans often do.  They got behind the President.  (Not me, I have to confess.  All day, every day, I expect the very worst from this administration and have YET to be disappointed…)  He got a little bump in the polls.  Even the people who tried to rally around him couldn’t take it for long, though.  His numbers are returning to where they were before.  People have even started calling for him to stop attending the daily briefings being the lying, petulant man-child he is.  HE thinks he’s impressing the hell out of everybody.

Trump keeps telling people what a great job he’s doing.  Yesterday, the United States took first place in the number of Covid-19 deaths.  Yay!  We’re number one!  If the goal is to kill more of  your citizens than any other country, I guess he’s right…


Living the Con Con:
I still don’t know where my conservatives are.  On March 29, I wrote that they should be shouting from the rooftops in celebration of the complete destruction of the American dream.  Instead, they’ve disappeared from social media almost entirely.  They SHOULD be out, in force, extolling the virtues of the ineffective central government they’ve created.

As it happens, financially starving the government for 40 years forcing the various departments to adapt and make due under increasing pressure set the stage perfectly.  Putting a team of morons in charge was just the icing on the cake.

THIS – what we live in right now – is what the conservatives wanted.  They win.  They’ve destroyed our government.  The economy, I guess, was just collateral damage.  So where are they?  Why aren’t they out shouting about their “success?”


Worse than Fox?
Apparently, our conservative brethren have a new, even MORE horrifying lying channel, ONe America Network, or ONAN.  If I understand, ONAN makes Fox “News” look almost honest.  Trump likes ONAN better than Fox.  ONAN will likely do more damage than Fox, as well, but I guess it doesn’t matter much at this point…


The tree of liberty…
I’m opposed to revolution.  It’s so…bloody and destructive and unpredictable.  So I don’t call for revolution.  But I see it coming.  With Trump’s Covid-19 betrayal of the United States, I’ve watched the very worst of humanity trying to take every possible financial advantage of the virus despite the fact that people are dying.  Hell, probably BECAUSE people are dying.  Death can be great for profits.  Because this group of sub-human cretins insist on profit, even in the face of a human disaster, people at the bottom of the economic pile may have no choice, sooner or later, but to turn to violence…


The ascent of the wicked…
I have long held that any existing hierarchy that has been around long enough will eventually be controlled by the very worst of humanity.  There’s a reason.  The person who advances in such a system tends to be the person most willing to do whatever they need to do to advance.  People with morals or ethics tend to self-select out.  Those people get confronted with some situation that requires some kind of ethical compromise and – from the corporate point of view – balk.

So, over time, the very worst of humanity, the people most willing to do – whatever – continue to rise through the ranks, eventually securing the corner office for themselves.  These days, it looks to me like so many of our offices and institutions are directed by the most horrible examples humanity has to offer, I don’t see a way through that doesn’t involve bloodshed.

Comments like that have a tendency to come off as hyperbole and it’s when people start to disregard me as FAR too extreme.  For the record, I’m not saying I’m absolutely right.  (It’s a solid read of history, though.)  All I’m saying is I don’t see any realistic alternatives.  But that’s just me so I invite your help.

In the comments section, please leave your view.  Where do we go from here?  We have a Federal government unwilling to help us in our struggles and incompetent to do so even if they were willing.  We have individual states battling it out to obtain needed supplies.  People who didn’t otherwise have to die, will anyway.  People who didn’t otherwise HAVE to become homeless, do anyway.  People who SHOULD have been protected by their government are instead left to their own devices in how to deal with massive corporations or even just this month’s rent.  What will desperate, abandoned people do?  How do we avoid bloodshed?

Oh, there IS one proviso: no magical thinking, okay?  No “philosophical points.”  No responses that include “if” or “maybe.”  ‘IF someone would…’ or ‘Maybe they could…’ are philosophical answers because “someone” won’t and “they” can’t…

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