Existentially Wrong…

So…yesterday, I was talking to a conservative person I know and she suggested that about 300 people should all get together at a local beach.  The point of the gathering was to demonstrate that everyone is over-reacting to this Covid-19 thing.  It’s not a true threat, it’s an exercise in government control.  If they can make you wear a mask, they can make you do anything.

Then I see this in the Guardian: “Thousands of people protested Michigan’s stay-at-home order at the state capital. The protesters chanted “Lock her up!” in connection to Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer, even though Whitmer’s handling of the crisis receives a favorable review from 71% of Michigan residents.”

Okay, I’ll let Gretchen (we’re on a first name basis, now) explain the basic problem with the idea:

“Whitmer expressed sadness that the thousands of people who attended the protest may have jeopardized their own health by participating.
“We know this demonstration is going to come at a cost to people’s health,” Whitmer said. “That’s how Covid-19 spreads.”
The Democratic governor added that ignoring the social distancing guidelines will likely only serve to extend the stay-at-home order.
“The sad irony here was the protest is they don’t like being in this stay at home order and they may have just caused a need to lengthen it,” Whitmer said.”

Seems obvious, right?  Okay, fine, but the question I have is, who in the conservative media is pushing the idea that banding (closely) together in public is a good idea?  Conservatives don’t come out en masse on their own.  They follow instructions.  (THEY think they’re taking suggestions…)

So…SOMEONE in some conservative media is telling these people Covid-19 is not a true threat and that people need to push back by ignoring guidelines; violate shelter in place, violate social distancing – just…screw the whole damn thing.  Owning the libs AGAIN!

I don’t think it’s Fox “News” but it’s someone with a sizeable following.  See, initially, Fox “News” had taken the same position.  That was Trump’s fault.  When HE started saying it was an over-blown non-issue – “the Democrat’s latest hoax” – Fox followed suit in defense of their “man.”  But Fox very quickly realized that they might be killing off their own audience – old people – and changed their tune.

Eventually, the followers of whomever is pushing this dangerous idea will begin to understand their error the way many conservatives learn lessons: it happens to them.  Maybe, someone they know.  It’s very likely many of the thousands who gathered outside the Michigan Capital had a great day shouting “lock her up” and they’ll go home this evening feeling very satisfied with themselves and gloating.  “See?  Out in public and I’m still alive!”

But it’s also very likely that many of the thousands who gathered outside the Michigan Capital are going to contract, pass along to – possibly kill – loved ones, and possibly even die from Covid-19 themselves.  All in a vain attempt to prove Trump’s “gut” knows more than Fauci’s knowledge.  Um…silver lining?

2 thoughts on “Existentially Wrong…

  1. I’ve gotten to the point with these people where all I feel is; less idiots to vote for Trump.

    They have all of the same information everyone else does. It they are too stupid to make good choices….hello Darwin. Cause you know, science.

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