Own A Lib…

I’ve long held that if the right conservative influencer told the rank and file that they could “own a lib” by driving an ice pick into one eye, you’d see a spike in one-eyed conservatives.  I have no conservative credibility, though, so the concept remained a hypothesis.  Until now.

As it happens, I was too…um…conservative in my thinking.  I STILL don’t know if they’d actually blind themselves (they would) but I DO know they’ll play Russian Roulette – just to own a lib.  Nice.

I wrote a couple of days ago that I had noticed a “movement” afoot to simply ignore the shelter in place and social distancing guidelines.  I wondered who might be encouraging such behavior.  Now the answer is coming out and no one is surprised to see various conservative groups (and money) are behind the AstroTurf movements.  One of the groups tied to the Michigan protests, for example, is the ‘Michigan Conservative Coalition.’  But THAT’S just the public face of a group called ‘Michigan Trump Republicans’ and was organized, in part, by a woman who started her career as a tea party leader and organizer.  Of course, the Tea Party was a Koch sponsored venture to undermine America.

Trump was planning to use the Obama economy to campaign on and now that the economy is in the doldrums, well, Trump is concerned so he’s supporting these actions, tweeting “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” and “LIBERATE VIRGINIA.”  Still, there’s a bright side.  Hey, maybe they’re right.  Maybe this whole thing IS overblown.  Doctors say no but some people just trust their gut more than some educated, elitist doctor.  So?  Russian Roulette!  They’re betting their lives they’re right based on fabricated junk from conservative influencers.  Like Russian Roulette, the odds are in their favor.  But, also like Russian Roulette, those who lose, lose forever…

The people who attend these little political rallies will serve as our national canaries in the coalmine, as it were.  If they get sick and die, the rest of us will know we need to quarantine for a while longer.  If not, great!  Let’s get back to it.  In the meantime, the rest of us need to stay as far away from conservatives as we can while they marinate in their germs…


One of the most recognizable symbols of human oppression, of forcibly taking one’s liberties, is the confederate flag.  Does anyone else find it odd to see them flying at rallies protesting the “taking of liberties?”


I’ve made a decision.  I’m only going to highlight things the Trump administration gets right.  It will be a LOT less typing…

3 thoughts on “Own A Lib…

  1. I had an idea yesterday but it was on the way HOME from the grocery store, I only shop once a week and need to purchase the supplies to complete my mission so won’t be able to make it a “go” until next week, but….

    Those of us that understand science and want to be here in November to at least try to vote out that “stain on a little boy’s underwear”, are all wearing masks when in public, right? Wanna piss off a bunch of morons? How about masks that have, “Biden 2020” embroidered on them, front and center? I have a lovely, maroon mask Jen’s friend made for me that white embroidery thread is going to show just wonderfully against.

    The virus is bringing out all of my dysfunction and the ugly in me. If the idiots that don’t want to believe, want to expose themselves, the ones we lose, aren’t any great lose to society as a whole. Their loved ones, yes. But our society? We’re probably better off without them.

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