Trump-Level Stupid…

I don’t know how I feel about Gavin’s Curfew but I’m pretty sure if I get caught violating, I’ll get away with an apology so long as I call it a lapse in judgement. You know, like Newsom did with his little birthday party stunt in which he undermined all of his credibility on the mask topic in one night.

What Gavin did was Trump-level stupid…


I’m seeing more and more stories about judges issuing “stinging rebukes” to Trump “attorneys.” It turns out that, while everyone wants honest elections (scare stories from the right notwithstanding) the cases being brought to court boil down to “Well, your honor, we just really don’t like the results.” Generally speaking, courts are willing to hear your case but they REALLY don’t like to have their time wasted.

So Trump lost the election and now he’s losing in court – and losing, and losing, and losing. So far, he’s lost this election 28 times! (November 3rd and then 27 whiny lawsuits.) Hell, by the time he’s done, Trump will be the biggest loser – the losingist loser – in the history of losers. He’s lost so many times, now – you’d think he’d get tired of losing…


We’ve all heard of the woman who realizes after some time that the guy she’s been seeing isn’t right for her so she ends the relationship. The guy decides the only thing to do is post intimate photos of her on the internet. You know – to get “even.”

There are, of course, huge ramifications to such abusive, adolescent, obnoxious, and offensive behavior as “revenge porn” but the one aspect I’d like to focus on, here, is that beyond all else, posting of the photos proves – without question – that she made the right call in dumping his ass. The guy sucks and she CAN do better – easily.

I see Trump’s White House temper tantrum meltdown the same way. Yeah, sure, he can – and will – do damage on his way out the door. He’s going to harm a LOT of people – and there will be NO regard for whether they voted for him or Biden. He’s going scorched earth. I’m not looking forward to the effects of his tantrum but I know – without question – we made the right call in dumping his ass. The guy sucks and America CAN do better – easily…


It strikes me, though, that we’re watching, in real time, the behavior that explains why every business Trump touches fails. Something doesn’t go his way, he quits and then seeks to punish anyone and everyone who had anything to do with it (except himself, of course)…

The “run away” response seems to be a family trait. Remember, grandpa Drumpf SO disgraced the family name through cowardice, he ran away from it, changing it to ‘Trump.’ Now that Donald has SO disgraced and tarnished the latest family name, ‘Trump’, I wonder what they’ll go to next. I suggest ‘Harumph…’


To my mind, the only real question remaining is if the dumbass is going to try to pardon himself. Theoretically, it’s an open question of the Constitution as to whether a sitting President can pardon himself. From a standpoint of practical application, though, it’s immediately apparent that if a President can pardon himself, he’s no longer a “president.” He would be a “king” or an “emperor” or a “strongman.” Whatever the title, if he can pardon himself, he’s a “tyrant” who can do anything he wants any time he wants…

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