Defend the Indefensible…

John Roberts is out trying to defend his Supremely Kangaroo Court. He says he thinks it’s dangerous to connect the stupid decisions being handed down with the legitimacy of the court. The court, he says, has always engaged in controversial decisions and he doesn’t understand the connection between decisions people disagree with and the legitimacy of the supreme court.

But the court isn’t making only “controversial decisions,” is it? These are cruel and destructive “choices” based on personal whims of religious and conservative nut-balls – who committed perjury to be in a position to DO their damage in the first place – that harm millions of people. They’ve made it harder for millions to vote. They’ve stolen all women’s control over her own body. They’ve made it easier for polluters to pollute. They’ve damaged the separation of church and state. They uphold discrimination – at least, they uphold discrimination that “works” for them, personally. (They hate gays. They rule against gay rights…)

I think Roberts is trying to defend the indefensible and it appears I’m not alone. Young women from sea to shining sea are registering to vote and what I assume is an alarming rate to the GOP. The whole country was once convinced, say, nine months ago (coincidentally) that the Republicans were going to take back Congress in the 2022 mid-terms. They still have a better than average chance of doing so since they cheat so prolifically what with voter suppression and gerrymandering and now, apparently, hacking voting machines. Pretty much EVERY charge they throw at Democrats? Yeah, it’s not the Democrats, it’s the Republicans – and it always has been the Republicans.

So, suddenly, because of the Roberts court of rulings based on personal preferences, the mid-terms are going to come down to women and men who support women vs cons who want to take away as many rights from as many people as possible. (I’m certain that statement would be challenged by the cons. I’ve just gotten comfortable with the idea that when a con protests something, it’s projection, not concern and it seems to be ALWAYS the case.)

The cons have been told – and so they actually believe – they outnumber the left, meaning Democrats and progressives. I’ve never believed that. Like the GOP, the Dems vote as instructed by their party. The progressives vote their conscience. The two don’t always converge and it may make it appear as though the right outnumbers the left. But from time to time, the two groups come together over something (usually, the Dems take on some progressive position and it becomes easy for progressives and Dems to work together) and when that happens, there are CLEARLY more on the left than on the right. The Roberts court has brought the true goals of the right into crystal clear reality and that has created a revitalized coalition between the Dems and the Progressives. If this holds through to November – and I think it will – the cons will have difficulty even hanging on to what they’ve got, let alone making gains – even in the face of their election rigging.

If so, we’ll ALL have to raise a glass to the corrupted Roberts Supremely Kangaroo court for putting such a blunt and brutal face to GOP goals. Special side note: Lindsey Graham didn’t help matters for the right when he blurted out the GOP’s intent to pass Federal legislation banning abortion rights nationwide just as soon as they get the chance. I suspect even some right-leaning women might vote against the GOP (secretly, of course) over this. It’s one thing to mouth the words. It’s another to be forced to go through, or watch your daughter or grand-daughter, be forced to go through with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. Or worse, to lose that beloved family member to rulings that prevent abortion in the case of the loss of life.

I’ll tell you this: I hope Roberts and the GOP keep hammering away on their message that they fully intend to remove as many human rights as they possibly can. It will help them get hammered in the next election(s)…


It’s a bit short today, this post. I’m moving house and don’t have time to put together everything I wanted to cover – which is a drag because there’s been so much of it recently. We’ll get back on track next weekend, though…