She Heard Her Master’s Voice…

Flunky Fail
Well, Trump’s toady Aileen Cannon seems to have failed in her quest to help the dumbass avoid responsibility for his crimes. She really DID try, though, demonstrating that her loyalty to Trump FAR exceeds her loyalty to jurisprudence. The lackey Cannon tried to block the DOA from doing their jobs, she really did. But a three person panel from the Eleventh District Appeals Court – two of whom were appointed by Trump – overturned that…um…”ruling” and put the investigation back on track.

To recap, Trump tried to get a “Special Master” to review papers seized during the warrant execution. The concept was to slow everything down and give the dumbass time to come up with…something. The Trump team knew, though, that no competent judge was going to participate in such shenanigans so they went to Cannon. SHE was all on board, trying to protect her hero. She shouldn’t have had the case at all but she kept that part of it anyway. The DOJ uses a “taint team” to discover any improperly held documents BEFORE the papers are passed to the active investigators so the idea of a Special Master was a waste of time and money anyway. But Judge Cannon doesn’t CARE about laws – her job was to protect Trump. He wanted the Special Master, he GOT his Special Master.

THEN, his Special Master, Raymond Dearie (a person suggested by the Trump team), told him he had to produce proof that Trump had, in fact, declassified all those papers – mostly an irrelevance since he STILL couldn’t legally hold them. The Trump team has…resisted the request. It’s one thing to spout lies at a political rally. It’s a whole different kettle of fish to lie to a court. Even Trump’s ‘D’ list lawyers aren’t going to do that. THEN Dearie said he wanted proof of Trump’s lie that the FBI planted all those classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. (He STILL hasn’t explained why – if the FBI planted those papers – does he think he should get them “back.”) They have until September 30 to produce a list of the planted documents.

In the meantime, New York State has filed a lawsuit against the Trump crime family Organization. It doesn’t seek jail time…yet. For now, it hits Trump MUCH closer to home: the money. Oh, and it ALSO seeks to bar them from doing any business whatsoever in New York State. I don’t think the CheetoJesus will do any time behind bars over his tax fraud, insurance fraud, or bank fraud – sadly, the US has special rules for rich people and, so far, NEVER jails ex-presidents – but Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric are each likely quite…focused right now…

Also in the meantime, the investigation into election interference in Georgia continues as well. It’s moving a bit slower but the Georgia prosecutor investigating the allegations is openly talking about jail time for members of the Trump team who participated and we KNOW that includes Giuliani and Trump, himself – we’ve heard parts of the recording! Thus far, all the criminal participants are claiming they had nothing to do with anything and the whole thing is a witch hunt. You know, sticking to their lie in the hopes that someone, somewhere might believe them. Hey, the MAGAts do! What more do you need?

I guess it’s just a shame Trump can’t get ALL of his legal woes presented to the disgraced Aileen Cannon for disposition but it sure seems like the walls are closing in on him. I’ll tell you this: I don’t know how this thing will play out but I’m enjoying the show, for now. Pass the popcorn…


Now, where are the spices?
Okay, so the move is done. Well, the relocation of the personal belongings from one location to another is done. NOW it’s time to unpack and “the move” isn’t complete until the boxes are unpacked. I don’t know which part is more difficult, packing up and moving out of a house I lived in for 9 years or unpacking and setting up a house I’ve lived in for 9 days.

It’s a morass of “What goes where?” “How can I make THAT work?” “Oh, man, what’s in THAT box?” and “Crap, what the hell happened to THIS?”

Priorities, people. The rules were followed. Beds first, kitchen second, bathroom – all “functional,” if not yet fabulous. I have a quiet, safe place to sleep. I can make a meal, although I have yet to find the box with the spices in it so everything’s a bit bland. I can shower at the end of the day, so I don’t stink at night. But an improperly hung towel rack has already fallen off the wall so I’ve already got repairs to do.

The kitchen I left was small. The kitchen I’ve arrived at is even smaller. That part is befuddling. I have high confidence I’ll figure something out but for right now, it looks like I’ll have a place to prepare a meal or a place to put small appliances, but not both. Not much of a problem for a blender but the coffee pot is critical!

Anyone who has ever moved house knows the challenge. There are too many things to do and not enough hours in a day to do them. So? One just keeps plodding along, one step at a time until everything is out of boxes and has some new place to shine. Of course, THAT’S when one realizes, “Oh, THAT should have gone THERE!” and the re-arranging begins. That’s thinking too far ahead, though, and I’m not ready for that. I’ll stick to baby steps, one day at a time, one box at a time.

Right now I’m just focused on trying to find the spices…