From Deception to Destruction…

I don’t think they’re being honest…
I describe it as a lie of omission. The Proposition 27 ad campaign is one of the largest ad buys I’ve ever had to endure. Only Toyota Sell-a-thon Days has more spots on any given day. Listening to the ads, I’ve been told Prop 27 is going to solve homelessness and drug addiction. That’s pretty much the subject of EVERY pro-Prop 27 ad – all the good it’s going to do.

Proposition 27 is about allowing huge online gambling companies to operate in California. The money being promised by the gambling companies to “solve” homelessness is only a side issue, the selling point of the proposition, and not likely to materialize at all. Even if it did, money alone won’t solve the homeless crisis. If we don’t stop institutional investors from buying single family homes – AND force them to divest in those they already own – the homeless problem is going to get worse. Period.

As it happens, online gambling is one of the more insidious forms of gambling. Apparently, it’s one of the most addictive forms of gambling possible. So…how does gambling away the rent money help solve the homeless problem? EVERY thinking person should ask themselves WHY the backers of Proposition 27 are avoiding the main topic – online gambling – in favor of the alleged sweetener? From MY point of view, I’d say the reason is a false promise of curing a social ill is FAR easier to sell than the destruction associated with gambling addiction and these gambling companies know it. Of course they do. But focusing on the side issues the proposition is likely not going to do in order to avoid having to mention the damage the proposition is likely to do is just, plain dishonest.

I hope you’ll join me in voting ‘No’ on Proposition 27…


Violence based on conspiracy theories…
When is the last time you tried to have a conversation with a conservative about current events? It’s kind of eye-opening. It never makes sense in my mind that such a large group of people could be SO completely unaware of things going on. I find the exchanges with cons enlightening. If they try to back up their unfounded assertions with citations – AND one takes the time to read the articles they cite – it becomes clear that these are, by and large, perfectly reasonable people simply repeating the false information they’ve been given by their preferred outlets.

I DO have to admit, I’m often stunned by how easily they’re fooled, though. It’s quite clear that one trait the cons share is that they never took a logic or critical thinking class. They know nothing about manipulative and/or deceptive broadcasting. They THINK the information they’re receiving is true and correct and they simply operate from that point – just like everyone else. I know people on the left who take the position that the cons have an obligation to double-check the information they get. But those same people aren’t checking in with Fox “News” to see if THEIR information squares with the conservative orthodoxy. Why would the cons check in with the left?

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if they have good information or bad. They’re GOING to act on it, just like I do. The problem is, the information they have is anti-American. I mean, they ALL scream and shout about how much they love their country but simultaneously, they complain about EVERYTHING that defines America – at least as far as the U.S. Constitution is concerned. As one example, recently it was suggested that the right is supporting fascism. They all got appropriately upset, right on cue. But their actions? The things they support based on the false information they consume? They ARE, in fact, fascist positions – assuming one takes, say Mussolini’s definition of Fascism: the marriage of the corporation and the state.

That’s actually a pretty simple concept. Most definitions, these days, include references to authoritarianism and nationalism but those aspects aren’t required for fascism. They become de facto features because that’s the way businesses are run – top down. It was one of the first falsehoods the cons were sold on their road to fascism: America should be run more like a business. They think, because both government and business use the term “budget” the two entities are the same. They also believe, falsely, that corporations never make mistakes and government never does anyone any good. THAT, in turn, means that putting a businessman in charge of the country should be a good move. Generally, it isn’t a good move at all. Successful businessmen issue orders and expect them to be followed. That isn’t the way our government works.

The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is that anger is a daily staple of conservative media. The cons are told constantly that they’re being cheated and robbed by the left. The cons ARE being cheated and robbed – just not by the left. But since they likely realize they’re being robbed and their information sources assure them it’s from the left, they believe it’s from the left – and they get angry about it.

We saw on January 6th that they’re angry enough, already, to physically assault the country they claim to love so much. With a bit of careful management, the manufactured outrage they’ve grown so accustomed to can be turned to furious action with only a little nudging. We all watched Trump maneuver his acolytes into attacking Congress that day – and it didn’t take much to whip them into that frenzy. For it’s part, conservative media downplays and/or ignores the actual events of the day so the rank-and-file cons think it was just an “unauthorized tour.”

Recently, Trump suggested that if he’s indicted for the crimes he commits, there will be rioting in the streets and violence from sea to shining sea. (I’ve paraphrased.) The SAME people who decry protests when cops murder unarmed, contained suspects will, themselves, be out in the street burning and destroying and they’ll never even understand they’re doing the exact same thing as ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors. The difference? Black Lives Matter protests usually include at least one, actual dead body. The cons are going to come out fighting over conspiracy theories and stories.

I wonder how many of the January 6th assailants now understand they had been misled into the actions that are now sending them to prison. I suspect some but not all. Many will cling to their falsehoods. The same will happen once they take to the streets in defense of the Trump crime family. Of course, they think Trump is as pure as driven snow but after the destruction and death they’re currently threatening? Will they understand they killed (and died) over a fraud?

I’ll tell you this: we can’t let the threat of violence from people who don’t understand things be an impediment to taking action against Trump or his allegedly criminal organization. The right wants to destroy America but if the left stands down for fear of what the right might do, it will be the left bringing this once-great nation down, not the right…