Failing Assaults…

Well, it could have been worse, right? Dems lost the House but are very near pseudo-control of the Senate. I say “pseudo-control” because Manchin is still in the mix and he’s not a dependable Dem. The cons will have the ability to harass the Dems but not do too much else. Sure, the Dems won’t get much done now, either. So, things won’t get better anymore but they won’t get any worse, either. The very best part? Many, many, many of the Trump-backed MAGA cons – the people swearing to destroy the Republic if they won – didn’t win.

Now all eyes are on Georgia where Raphael Warnock is facing off against Herschel Walker. The cons like the serial adulterer and family abusing and abandoning Walker because he has an R after his name and he has promised to help overthrow the Republic. But they pretend they like him because they believe he’s such a holy guy. Unlike, I guess, the Reverend Warnock, senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. They think Walker would make a great Senator, even though he likely can’t even spell ‘Senator.’ Of course, Warnock is the current, sitting junior senator from Georgia. None of that matters to the cons. Walker is running as a Republican and hates America. That’s good enough for them…

I came across a quote from a Georgia voter who was frustrated by the run-off. The early races were contentious and full of conservative disinformation and standard con BS and now he has to endure another month of it. He said he was frustrated Georgians hadn’t made a better choice because one of the candidates is a sitting, experienced Senator and the other is Hershel Walker…


I’ve come to believe that not one Republican won their election honestly. They cheated and stole their seats. I KNOW it – for a FACT – because I know a guy who has a friend who knows this dude who was told by his sister’s cousin’s brother that he was driving down the freeway and passed some paper on the side of the road that was vaguely the same color as the ballot envelopes and was probably Democrat ballots the cons had tossed aside. I’m told there was even a sign at the spot ‘Republicans: dump DemocRAT ballots here’ but, apparently the sign was removed right after the election. Fortunately, my source got a picture of it before it was removed so we have the proof. Well, we did. It seems the film inside his phone got accidentally exposed and ruined the photos but, hey, the guy said what he said and that’s all the proof anybody should ever need under any circumstance and for any reason, right? I mean, let’s get to court!

There are NO legitimately elected Republicans. Period. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

(Let’s see how THEY like it…)


Okay, so do you think Elon spent 44 BILLION dollars on Twitter specifically to destroy it? One wouldn’t think so but, so far, every move he’s made as done more harm than good. FAR more harm than good. Why, it almost seems as if he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing or how to do it. It’s been one misstep after another from firing employees he really, really needs to giving, taking, re-giving, suspending, introducing, then eliminating the verified blue check that suddenly only verifies you paid eight dollars.

Meanwhile, perhaps the best known founder of Twitter is Jack Dorsey who is off starting his new social media venture even as we speak. It’s called ‘Bluesky.’ Dorsey DID help create a very successful social media outlet but seemed to have a tough time of it throughout. It’s a little surprising he would want to dive in again but, I guess there are millions more dollars out there for him to take. Apparently he stayed on as a shareholder in Twitter, though. The way Elon is running things, it looks a bit like TWO billionaires might be in for a serious and substantial fall. Hey, pass the popcorn…


I’m sure, by now, you’ve noticed that every time that putz Putin gets his ass handed to him in Ukraine, he declares the area he just got pushed out of new Russian territory. His army just left Kherson city. I say they “left” because it’s not like the Russians are fighting very hard. The Russian soldiers don’t want to be there. They sure as hell don’t want to die there. Obviously, there are going to be some hard-core loyalist MAGA type drones willing to do ANYTHING for their chosen one but most of them? They’d rather be home with their family. So, when they see opposition, they drop their guns and go. (I do NOT believe it’s cowardice. I’d bet that if one came across these same soldiers in a circumstance they believed in, they would be a MUCH stronger fighting force than they appear to be today.)

Anyway, the Russians got pushed out of the Kherson region so Putin admitted defeat and – wait, what? No, of course not. Putin just named a new “temporary” capitol of the region. I’m guessing THAT one won’t last long, either. Circling back, though, one of the nice things about the cons doing so poorly in the mid-terms is that they really, really wanted to help their buddy Putin and they were planning to de-fund the American assistance to Ukraine in the hopes that Putin might finally win something, somewhere. It doesn’t look, yet, like they’re going to be able to do that, now. The cons wanted to help Trump destroy America and help Putin destroy Ukraine. Instead, the cons didn’t a chance to destroy anything – yet.

I’ll tell you this: I’ll bet they keep trying anyway. It’s who they are…

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