Floundering Falsehoods…

Well, now that the Democrats have secured the Senate for the next two years, it’s a bit of a brighter day, isn’t it? If Warnock wins, they won’t even need Kamala’s tie-breaker – nor Joe “DINO” Manchin. The Democrat in Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto, beat the Trump endorsed con giving the Democrats 50 seats in the Senate. That might end up helping Warnock. Since the cons have nothing to gain anymore, maybe they’ll lose some of their enthusiasm for the run-off. But the truth is, my favorite part is what happened to Trump. I hear – and see supporting evidence – that the party is turning on Trump. Okay so Trump is really just the exemplar. His inability to create the chaos he sought means the Republic survives another two years, at least, and THAT’S the part I find so satisfying. (What can I say? I like the Republic…) Trump led them as far down the Primrose Path as he could but it looks like even some of the cons have figured him out and turned away.

The fight is far from over, of course. The cons STILL hate America and STILL intend to do her harm. Fox “News” and the other conservative outlets in the bubble will STILL press the corporate authoritarian nationalism known commonly as Fascism and the base will keep lapping it up, clueless about what it is they’re actually asking for. Even so, it looks like Trump won’t be “the guy” anymore. Maybe we’ll get to prosecute him for his crimes after all. No, he still won’t go to jail, even though he clearly should (if he’s found guilty) and the vast majority of Americans certainly would. Hell, in 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for doing what Trump stands accused of doing*, passing information to the Russians about nuclear weapons designs. The Dumbass will only pay a fine so he’s still WAY out ahead of the possibilities.

* Sidebar: I guess I have to say this: we don’t actually KNOW what Trump did with all those stolen, classified documents. All we know for sure is that he stole them, mishandled them, tried – and continues to try – to keep them, and some are missing. So the rest is pure speculation on my part, but the idea that Trump might pass Top Secret classified documents to that Putz Putin in a desperate and self-serving attempt to curry favor with the Russians and get another electoral boost from them in 2024 is hardly beyond the scope of possibilities where the traitor Trump is concerned. Just my opinion, though…

Something many people don’t know? The GOP has been paying a large portion of Trump’s legal bills. They forced him to hold off on announcing his run for the White House until after the mid-terms by telling him they were going to cut him off, financially, if he announced before the election. This tells me they already see him as toxic. So, now he insists he’s going to announce this coming Tuesday, Nov 15. That, too, might affect Georgia and help Warnock. Fingers crossed…


See if you can get your arms around this. The cons have been conditioned to believe that Putin is defending Russia against Ukrainian aggression. There’s not a single fact about Putin’s war that supports such a conclusion, which, I guess, is WHY they’re so darned sure. Sometimes, listening to cons is like listening to a four year old describe the workings of an internal combustion engine. The story they tell is often cute, downright precious sometimes, but never even approximates reality…


When the Russians got pushed out of Kherson, the Russian government said they had taken all of their equipment with them. When the Ukrainian soldiers showed up, they found all kinds of Russian equipment the soldiers had just…left behind. Reuters has film. The con tactic of lying, lying, lying seems to be failing, failing, failing these days. Finally. And…good. It’s really kind of nice of Putin to supply his enemies with weapons, especially since the Ukrainians are using those weapons to run Russia out of their country. Thanks, Vlad!


Yesterday, I did a small section that was, let’s call it tongue-in-cheek. It satirized the conservative tendency to believe anything another conservative says no matter how stupid. Then I see this. Kari Lake, the crazy con who might win the race for Governor in Arizona, announced her office had been attacked with an envelope containing a white powder. They turned two unopened envelopes over to the police for analysis. The police have found nothing. Oh, says the campaign, the envelope with the powder was thrown away by a worker who didn’t report the incident until AFTER all the trash bins had been removed.

The whole “suspicious white powder” thing started when Bush 43 was holding the reins. Some guy started sending military grade anthrax to various politicians. As expected, the FBI conducted an investigation. The thing is, the powder was going to Democrats, not Republicans. Oh, and the other thing is, they found the guy sending it. See, it was military grade anthrax. Not just anybody could lay their hands on it and there are only a few places it’s kept, so that narrowed the search. It was ostensibly being sent by a scientist at the government’s Biodefense lab at Fort Detrick in Maryland named Bruce Edwards Ivins. As the government web began closing in around him, he killed himself, which means there was never a trial. But the government DID close the case in 2010 with Ivins being listed as the responsible party.

So…did Ivins return from the grave just to switch sides and send anthrax to a far-right, nut-ball con, Kari Lake? Or did the Lake campaign make up a story in an attempt to drum up support? I’ll tell you this: my money is on the “lie” option…

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