If you’re currently facing potential charges for inciting an insurrection (and subsequent riot, of course) – one that led directly to death and destruction – how smart is it to ask your supporters to come out and protest? Then, as 45’s fever-dream deepens, he ups the ante by suggesting that forcing him to be subject to the same laws as everyone else might well lead to “death and destruction?” I wonder; can those statements be used in his January 6th trial? You know, assuming such a trial might ever take place. If you KNOW that calling for “protest” equates to death and destruction – like it did last time – how are you NOT culpable? Smart, Donnie. Just keep wrapping that rope around your own neck…


So, the Freedumb Caucus has alleged that all of the investigations into all of the illegal activities of Former Guy are “politically motivated.” By now, every MAGA-con in the country thinks investigating his many, many, many…okay, many crimes is “politically motivated” so I thought I’d help them out with a definition.

It’s actually pretty simple, even for a con. If there’s no evidence of a crime, nothing to go on except innuendo, “suggestions,” twisted truths, stretched stories, and pseudo(ish) “facts,” you’re probably looking at a “politically motivated” investigation. Think Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. The cons KNEW there was no “there” there but they spent $14 million dollars investigating, anyway. The primary goal was to smear Hillary’s name.

“No” on Benghazi? Okay, how about Hunter Biden’s laptop? No evidence of a crime. Innuendo, suggestions, twisted truths, and stretched stories carry the day, at least if you’re a con. But most thinking people understand it’s a political tit-for-tat, just a “politically motivated” effort to smear JOE Biden by association with Hunter.

One might also point to the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair. That was uncovered after an investigation into a failed land deal called ‘Whitewater’ turned up nothing. It took TWO oh-so-Special Prosecutors to find anything. The first, Robert Fiske Jr stated categorically there was no evidence of wrongdoing in regard to Whitewater. But facts just irritate cons so they replaced Fiske with conservative ideologue Ken Starr who just started making things up until something stuck. They “found” an affair and pressed it to great advantage. These days (and at the time) extramarital affairs aren’t a criminal act. That’s where the cons jump in with, “Oh, it’s not about the affair. He lied under oath.” Yeah, he did. About the affair. He got too cute. He should have refused to answer in view of the fact that it had nothing to do with Whitewater, the supposed scope of the Special Prosecutor. But no matter how you slice it, the Lewinsky persecution was purely “politically motivated.”

But Former Guy? There was evidence his campaign team was talking to Russians. There’s evidence he cheats on his taxes. There’s evidence he paid his porn-star side honey to keep quiet using campaign funds he then lied about. There’s evidence he called a Secretary of State and requested, then cajoled, then threatened the guy if he couldn’t “find” nearly 12,000 more votes – amazingly all in favor of 45. There’s evidence he incited his January 6th insurrection and did it with a plan he helped put in place. There’s evidence he stole classified documents from the White House and NOW there’s evidence he lied to his own lawyers in order to trick them into certifying he had returned all of the documents – which he clearly had not done since the FBI was finally required to go retrieve the papers themselves. All of those make the Trump crimes “evidence-driven” investigations, the kind we’re supposed to have in this once-great nation.

The cons are currently on a long whine that there are two justice systems, one for Democrats and one for Republicans. First, they make up some heinous crime they attribute to Dems. Then they pretend that Democrats are allowed to get away with it because of special handling – setting aside the fact that, mostly, the Democrat in question didn’t break any laws – or, at least, there’s no evidence against the accused that might hold up in court.

Simultaneously, they dismiss every possible charge against Republicans, no matter how well documented or founded. As an example, we’ve ALL heard the recording of Former Guy badgering Brad Raffensperger to outright cheat in the 2020 election by “finding” votes that never existed. That’s “evidence.” Not to a con, though. To a con, that’s just a “politically motivated” witch hunt. Easy, right? Your guy is always guilty, my guy is always innocent.

It’s important to remember the rule: when it comes to cons, every accusation is an admission. They claim there are two systems, one that benefits Dems and one that condemns cons. In truth, they WANT two systems, but they want one in which Democrats can be convicted of every fever dream cons suffer and the other one in which no Republican is ever guilty of anything, anywhere.

I’ll tell you this: I hope they don’t get what they want. But truth be told, the longer 45 goes without being prosecuted for any of his long, long list of crimes, the more I suspect the cons are getting their very backwards and unamerican way…

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