Stupid Squared…

David? Really?

There’s a principal in (where else?) Florida. Well, there was. Hope Carrasquilla is her name. She was forced to resign. Apparently, she allowed some sixth-graders to see a photo of the statue of David, the Biblical character who took it to Goliath in a really big way.
“But, wait,” you might ask, “isn’t ‘David’ considered one of the greatest works of art in history?”
“Well, yeah.”
“And, isn’t David one of the biggest heroes of the Bible?”
“Obviously, yeah.”
“Boy, those anti-religious, secular, public schools are really getting out of contr–“
“Um…private Christian school.”
“Private Chris–? Why would a private Christian school object to a photo of a statue of one of the greatest heroes of their favorite book?”
“Boy parts.”
“Boy parts?!?”
“Yeah. Apparently, when Michelangelo sculpted ‘David,’ he didn’t sculpt the guy in Levi’s. Now the kids know that boys have boy parts.”
“Well, didn’t they know that already?”
“One would think. But, (shrugs) Christian school…Florida…maybe not.”
“So the parents got all up in –“
“One parent.”
“Yeah, one parent decided the kids had been shown pornography and the school board buckled.”
“Did anybody question the stability of the purist Puritan mom?”
“Apparently, the school was supposed to send out a letter warning parents their precious little offspring might see something ‘controversial’ but they didn’t for some reason.”

The conversation is purely imaginary, of course, but the events portrayed are true and correct. This is the direct result of Ron DeSantis’ big push in Florida to do everything he can to squelch education and knowledge. It’s all part of a conservative movement to make parents rights paramount over the schools, even if that parent is a drooling moron who thinks a statue of a nude Biblical hero is the exact same thing as pornography. (Apparently, Pornhub in Florida is VERY different from Pornhub in California…you know…from what I hear…)

I’ll tell you this: in a few, short years, there’s going to be a surge in teen pregnancies in Florida as the doe-eyed little know-nothings try to figure out how that happened. Nice work, cons…


I like Gretchen Whitmer. She’s the Governor of Michigan and she has just rolled back Michigan’s “Right to work” law. Cons and businesses loved the right-to-work laws. They weakened unions. Unions are good for workers. Cons and large corporations hate workers and want the companies to have all the say in who does what and for how much money.

This might seem extreme but I think right to work laws kind of give away a certain position. I believe there are companies out there that would readily return to the days of slavery if they could just figure a way to get it done. I mean that. You can tell who those companies are, too. You hear some worker say “Hey, how ’bout a living wage?” and the company bellows it’s disapproval. “It would ruin us!” they cry. My position? If your business model can’t include a decent wage for employees, your business model is broken and perhaps you shouldn’t be in business…

As it is, we see stories from time to time in the corporate media about how employees are “quiet quitting.” But when you ask for a definition, it turns out “quiet quitting” means the employee isn’t doing anything more than the job requirement – and we’re supposed to believe that’s a bad thing? During Covid we heard about ‘The Great Resignation.” Oh, the humanity. People were leaving crappy jobs that paid poorly for better jobs that paid better. Companies hated that. They tried to smear the concept in their corporate broadcasts.

But you know what? People trying to improve their lot in life with a better job or better pay are hard to convince they’re doing something wrong. The employers could pay more and/or improve the workplace situation but, no. They don’t want to do that. They just want their stupid employees (the leeches that do all the work) to just STFU and do whatever they’re told whenever they’re told. I guess I get it. I just happen to understand the position of the worker, too, and I think the worker’s position is the correct one.

There are states out there rolling back child labor laws because cons think that’s a great idea. Did you know that? Let’s put kids back into the coal mines! Make America Great Again, indeed. Right to work laws are the exact opposite prescription for making America great again. America was great – when she was great – in large part because of unions. But, as we’ve all seen, if there’s a way for a con to turn stupid into stupid squared, they’ll find it.

I’ll tell you this: we’re fortunate we still have people like Gretchen Whitmer out there trying to do the right thing for American workers…

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