Prevarications and Passings…

Cons pretend to oppose activist judges
Well, the cons finally got the activist courts they used to bitch about endlessly. At the time, they pretended they were upset about activist judges who did things for political reasons that have nothing to do with – indeed, undermine, the rule of law. They said they thought that was a bad thing. It would have been, too, had it been happening when they were whining about it. But, like all things conservative, now that the activist judges have actually arrived – and now that they’re actively working FOR conservative ideology against democracy – oh, the cons are all over it. They LOVE it. They’ve never been happier to see activism from the bench.

I’ll tell you this: It’s going to be weird, having to check the political loyalties of judges to see if they’re loyal to the law or loyal to a political position but that’s the world the cons want and that’s the world they – along with the rest of us – are getting…


But Cons love THIS activist judge…
Remember the useless, nothing-but-a-stall-tactic Special Master Trump was granted by his toady, Aileen Cannon in a craven attempt to gum up the investigation into Trump’s criminal activities? According to legal experts from sea to shining sea there was no basis for the appointment in the first place. Apparently, this partisan “judge” used some rather…unusual interpretations of law to work around the problem that there was no legal basis for the request to be granted. In THIS case, she elevated Trump to some special class because he had once been, ostensibly, President. So…no longer a citizen among citizens, I guess. Now the President, excuse me, their “President” is in a special class all by himself. Don’t believe me? The cons (wrongly, of course) believe Obama got away with something like 30,000 documents. Do you think they’d be cheering if a special master was appointed to protect him based on the notion that he had been President? I’d bet not.

But Trump got his special master. The DOJ is appealing, of course, but they have to face down the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals – a court ALSO corrupted by Trump appointee “Federalist” judges. If they fail there, the only option is the Trump-corrupted Supremely Kangaroo Court. It’s looking like a rough ride for the law these days. But, in fairness, we’ve seen other Trump appointed judges nevertheless uphold the law and not Trump’s whims when ruling. MAYBE the 11th Circuit has some of those. We’ll see. Integrity is becoming increasingly rare in the MAGA bubble.

So now Trump, who demanded, then sued to get, the special master doesn’t want to PAY for the special master he demanded. As it happens, the GOP has been paying many of Trump’s legal bills. This is the quid-pro-quo for asking him not to officially announce his Presidential run until after the mid-terms but even at that, they’ve quietly backed away from paying in his stead and they’re not paying for the special master so Trump has to. Cue the whining. Asking Trump to actually PAY for something is considered a sin in MAGA world…

I’m pretty sure the accused should pay. I’m pretty sure that when one is facing criminal charges, experts brought in to defend the accused do so at the expense of the accused. (That’s part of the reason poor people get such unfair trials in this once-great nation.) One of Trump’s more questionable claims is that he’s a “billionaire.” One thing for certain is that Trump has fleeced his oh-so-gullible followers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. (His victims don’t mind.) Trump can easily cover the cost of his own legal defense, which would not have been necessary if he hadn’t committed crimes by stealing and mishandling all of those classified “documents” in the first place. (Sidebar: Have you noticed? Cons LOVE to feel self-important by calling papers in folders “documents” and “dossiers” but they’re still just papers in folders…)

I’ll tell you this: Trump should pay the price for his crimes and his defense. And I mean, he should pay the full price, all by himself…


Can’t call fascism fascism?
On a related note, the cons have recently pretended to be upset over the suggestion that the conservative movement is, at it’s core, a fascist movement. They put on that faux-outrage mantel they’ve mastered through the years, offended on cue about whatever they’re told to be offended about, and get “angry” or “hurt.” Uh-huh.

I’ll tell you this: If you don’t want people saying you support fascism, stop supporting fascist policies and ideas. Pretty simple, really…


Speaking of passings
I’m sorry the Queen of England has passed. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I knew her. I’m not a royal follower. I don’t even support the royal house. It’s a bit…anachronistic. Also, I know she was the face of many harsh and hard things that happened in colonies around the world during her reign. There are a LOT of people out there with legitimate grievances against the Brits. But I see those things as government and politics and the Queen, herself, seemed quite…personable.

I heard a guy on the radio say that there are many queens on the face of this planet but people referred to Elizabeth II as ‘The Queen’ and IF one simply referred to ‘The Queen,’ Elizabeth’s face was the face they pictured. I know that was true for me.

So, offers deepest condolences to Britain’s royal family. The world lost a queen but the family lost a mother and grandmother and, normally, it’s hard to lose one’s mom…er…mum…

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